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​The following information is for Young Life Staff and volunteers who are part of the planning team for a local Young Life area summer camp trip to Crooked Creek Ranch. 

Trip Leaders, we are grateful for the time and energy you have invested in getting to know kids, and we look forward to having you at Crooked Creek Ranch this summer. As you prepare for your trip, use the information below to plan.

​​Quick Links

Camp Spots
  • ​Check CampRes for the most current reservation numbers and availability.
  • To request an increase or to trade spots, contact the CCR Office.
  • ​R1 Contracts are due back December 1st at the very latest via DocuSign.
  • R2 Contracts are due back April 1st at the very latest via DocuSign with final numbers that you will be financially accountable for.

Leader Application
       Make sure you have a YL Volunteer Application on file for every leader, that they have been background checked, and are current in Staff Resources.  Not only is this required by YL to operate your Area, but also Trip Leaders will be required to sign off on the following affidavit on their A-Form:  “I certify under penalty of perjury that the volunteer leaders and staff listed on the left are included in YL’s Staff and Volunteer Roster, and as such, each of those leaders have submitted an application, obtained three or more references, submitted to background checks as required by YL,  reviewed and executed Young Life’s Statement of Faith, and have received training on child protection and safety as well as training on required mandatory reporting situations.  I further certify that I have their YL Applications and related documents on file in our local Area.”
In case you need it, HERE is the Young Life Application.  Thank you in advance for complying with Young Life HR policies, which in turn meet the CO Childcare requirements.  If you are not familiar with YL's Screening Compliance Policy and Process, please start ​HERE . If you have leaders who need to be re-screened or updated, start HERE​.

Camper Medications
Think ahead about camper medications.  ALL medications (including OTC) must be collected at Welcome and can only be dispensed during Med Admin time.  To help streamline the medication process at camp, here are some thoughts for you to share with campers and their parents:  
    Leave medications at home if at all possible.  We have every over-the-counter medication a person could need and a doctor on property to perscribe, so please save yourselves the hassle. We have a medical in
        -  Bring only prescription medications that the camper needs and will take.
        -  We strongly recommend collecting all medications at the time of departure.  See below for med collection, labeling requirements, and instructions.​

State of Colorado Medical Requirements
Collecting Medications
Due to our child care license in the State of Colorado, we are required to collect all medications, even over the counter meds.  Please read over and be prepared to follow our instructions on collecting all medications. We suggest you collect them before you load the bus so that you do not have to take bags out at the top of the hill before coming into camp.   Click here for labeling Instructions.  Feel free to print our Med Bag Labels and bring them with you to use when labeling all medications.
Each camper's medication(s) must be in an individually labeled zip lock bag; all medications in the bag must be labeled.  Place all individually labeled ziplocks into a larger zip lock bag with the cabin leader’s name on it.  This will speed up your arrival.  Note that all of this is true for leaders as well.​

Health Forms
​A current YL Health form with doctor's signature is required at CO camps for ALL CAMPERS AND LEADERS.

Unfortunately, sports physicals do not suffice as an MD must sign the YL Health Form so that they are aware the camper will be at 9,000 feet, which can be life threatening for some. This means the health form must be printed and signed by the doctor. Please make sure the doctor’s office completes their location and contact information as well. Here's the link to the current Young Life Health Form Because you indicate a Colorado camp, the health form app will prompt the user to print the Physician's Signature Form with a unique QR-type code for each person. The physician will need to fax the signed copy to the number on the form.

Health Form Tip #1: A lot of doctors will sign the form if they've seen the camper in the last 12-24 months.
Health Form Tip #2: If it's completed accurately, the health form will have 7 parent signatures on it.
Health Form Tip #3: There will be a prize for you if your area has perfect health forms!
Health Form Tip #4:You need to bring TWO copies of your Area's health forms: one for camp (unless it has been filled out online) , one for you to keep for the ride home.
Health Form Tip #5: Guests arriving without physician-signed health forms will have to be given a physical by the camp doctor for which areas are billed $75.

Getting to Camp
 Provide proper map and instructions to bus companies. Please have your bus drivers follow our map to camp, NOT their GPS. Click here for the Map Thank you in advance for helping us be good neighbors! 

​Arrival is between 3-5 pm on Day 1 for Young Life weeks, and between 1:30-4 pm for Wyld Life weeks.

Departure is around 7:30 or 8pm Saturday night for Young Life Groups, 6:30 pm for Week 9, and around 12 noon for WyldLife groups on Day 5.
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