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Crooked Creek's intern discipleship program combines the real-life elements of work at a Young Life camp with Bible studies, worship, nurturing, and the support of a Christian community.  Running from October 1 - September 30, this program is designed for single young adults who are deeply committed to Christ and desire to join our camp staff in providing an environment where volunteers and campers can experience Christ. 

Our goal for the year is for people to grow in an intimate, abiding relationship with Jesus Christ, work hard to support the ministry at Crooked Creek, and gain a solid understanding of Young Life and Young Life Camp Staff.

As an employee of Young Life you will be provided with medical, dental and vision benefits. You will also be accountable to raise a portion of your salary.


Find out more details about the internship by viewing our Intern Program Description.
Download the Application packet, the packet contains all the information needed to apply. We are now accepting applications for the 2012-2013 intern year.
Contact us to apply or find out more information.



During your time at Crooked Creek you will rotate through the various camp departments in two month rotations.

Guest Services
Food Service


The Fellowship of the Believers meets weekly to share a meal, to sing, engage in study and pray for each other.

Doing Life Together

Creating authentic, Christ honoring community is one of the goals of the year long intern program at Crooked Creek.  Time spent together as a group cements these bonds.

Interns Who Completed the Program said…

About discipleship

“The discipleship part of the internship was really rewarding. Never before had I dove into the disciplines with a group of others. Doing this together, with others who hold me accountable made it possible for me to learn so much more than I had ever learned before. Everything we covered has made a huge difference on how I approach my walk with Jesus.”

“I am excited to see how all of this will stay with me as I leave our “bubble” at CCR. I can’t wait, really. It seems like such simple truth, but something I haven’t ever spent time studying. I want to share everything we studied this year with everyone I know.”

About Work

“I  learned a ton. From very practical things like how to properly clean out a paint brush, to more “life” things like how to work in a community like this and submit to all authority in that. It was wonderful to get to see how every aspect of camp works at all
times throughout the year.”

About the Mentor Relationship

“I expected to spend time with someone older and wiser to bounce my thoughts off of and share my experiences of what I’ve learned through the year. Yes, these expectations were met. My relationship with my mentor has turned into a great friendship where neither of us were afraid of going deep and asking the tough questions with each other.”

About Fundraising

“I learned how to trust that the Lord would provide and to humble myself by asking others when I needed help. I began this process with an uncomfortable feeling, but then learned that I was really
giving my donors an opportunity to glorify God, they were actually looking for somewhere to give their money and all they needed was a personal relationship.”
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