Medical Staff Opportunities

“Serving as a healthcare volunteer at Crooked Creek Ranch for the last few years has been a great joy. To be able to serve kids' medical needs, then to be able to pray for them throughout the week, and then see many begin a relationship with Christ is an awesome privilege and blessing. My family and I love and look forward to our time each year at Crooked Creek Ranch.”
-Dr. Walt Larimore
Colorado Springs, CO
Medical staff serve at camp by being available to handle minor medical needs and discerning those which need treatment from local clinics or hospitals.

Volunteer Physicians

• Physicians are invited to serve in a volunteer capacity for one week at a time.
• The physician and their family attend camp at no cost and are encouraged to participate in all activities and enjoy the same programs that the campers do.
• The physician and their family are housed in the Doctor’s Quarters in the Adult Guest Lodge.
Click here for application information.

Volunteer Nurses and Physician Assistants

• Nurses and P.A.’s serve in a volunteer capacity for 1 to 3 weeks at a time.
• Room and board is complimentary for the nurse/P.A. in exchange for services. Their family is welcome to attend as well; we provide in-camp housing that is separate from the Adult Guest Lodge.
• The nurse/P.A. and their family are encouraged to participate in all activities and enjoy the same programs that the campers do.

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Nurse Licensure Compact information- If you are currently licensed in a state that participates in the Nurse Licensure Compact, no additional licensing is necessary. Please check the NLC website for more information.

Intern Nurse and EMT’s / Paramedics

• These positions are considered part of our summer internship program which runs from mid-May to mid-August. This is a paid internship which involves living, working, and discipleship opportunities with 16 other interns.
• This is a great opportunity to get “hands-on” experience and learn from a variety of physicians and nurses from around the country.
• These personnel are the “backbone” of the medical team as they are the consistent part of the team throughout the summer. They run the day-to-day clinic operations and are the first to respond to emergencies.

Click here to access the summer intern application.
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