Year-Long Interns

Crooked Creek’s Year-Long Intern program is a challenging and rewarding year. The program is a life-changing experience that is designed for those who are deeply committed to Christ and have a desire to join the Crooked Creek Ranch Staff in providing an environment where volunteers and kids can experience Christ. Our goal for the year is that Year-Long Interns would grow in an intimate, abiding relationship with Jesus Christ, work hard to support the ministry at Crooked Creek, and gain a solid understanding of Young Life Property Staff. As an employee of Young Life you will be provided with medical, dental and vision benefits.

You will also be accountable for fundraising a portion of your salary.


  • A desire to serve others and grow in Christ-likeness as well as a willingness to work hard in multiple camp departments and an interest in Young Life Camping.
  • Currently active in Young Life or another Christian ministry.
  • Post-high school.
  • Willingness to raise part of your salary.

To Apply

We are currently accepting applications for the Crooked Creek Ranch year-long intern program that will run from August 2022 - August 2023. We will begin the hiring process in January 2022.

To apply, please click the "apply" link below and send the staff recommendation and non-staff recommendation links to your 2 references. A completed application and 2 recommendations are required before your application will be considered.

Support a Year-Long Intern

The Crooked Creek Ranch Year-Long Intern Program is made up of 10 interns. If you would like to donate to a specific intern, please click on their give button below. 

Karrah Baker
Ryan Kelly
Sarah Mullen
Jerome MUÑOZ
Audra Newton
Sydney Reagan Saunders
Claire Stanovich
Noah Thompson
Jacob Urata
Ryan Waddell

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